At Flowery Fashion, Corporate Social Responsibility has been an integral part of our business since its inception. Firm’s initiatives have played a major role in improving the lifestyle of the community.

Our Responsibilities :

The main objective of our CSR policies is to organize such programs which enhance the quality of life and create the planet better place to live.

  • Towards our Society :
    By providing sustainable living and integrated development ina community.
  • Towards our Customers :
    By building vigorous and honest business relationships:
    By meeting the expectations of clients and providing them best of our services.
  • Towards our Employees :
    By fostering an ethical environment to nurture their skills and by providing a healthy and safe atmosphere to make them achievers.
  • Towards Environment :
    By nurturing the environment in our production with utmost efforts; fabrics which are used in production are totally organic and non-hazardous.